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Due Diligence and Investigations, Redefined.


Risks enter the scene in unexpected ways. At Prescient, we tell the stories of the people, companies, or characters you engage to empower your most important business decisions.


What We Do

How We Do It

Our People

Savvy analysts and seasoned investigators who meld public sector expertise, private sector success, and foreign language fluency to clarify your global business risks.

Our Methodologies

Intelligence-based research and analysis that clarifies complicated business relationships, highlights critical red flags, and uncovers seemingly undiscoverable information.


Our Product

Concise, efficient reports that include top-level executive summaries, visually highlight critical information, and reference the raw data collected during the research process.

Have you heard the story about…?

Don’t let the Poker King of China foil your anti-money laundering program. Click below to learn how our Mandarin language research saved one online gambling platform millions in lost revenue.

The Poker King of China
AML Investigation

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Claiming disability by day, traveling long-haul international flights by night. Click below to learn how our social media investigators helped a global law firm catch their “disability fraudster” plaintiff in the act.

The Disability Fraudster
Litigation Support Investigation

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Be your company’s market expansion hero and ride into the sunset. Click through to learn how our analysts helped a global hotel chain identify a potential business partner as an upstanding citizen.

The Brazilian Cowboy
Emerging Markets Investigation

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