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Dashboard & Mobile FAQ 

If you are looking to enroll as an individual traveler (not affiliated with an organization), you may purchase monthly or yearly enrollment by following this link: https://traveler.prescient.com/enrollment/signup and going through the outlined steps.

We’ve built an easy-to-use customer portal, which allows clients to use their application login credentials to change their personal, payment and favorite location information. Please follow the link below to the portal: https://traveler.prescient.com/customerPortal/login

Organizations can purchase monthly or yearly access to the Prescient Traveler dashboard application to utilize enterprise-wide duty-of-care features.

For Website: Please fill out the contact form on the traveler safety page of our website to inquire about dashboard pricing.

For Digital Doc: Please email travelerinfo@prescient.com to inquire about dashboard pricing models. **Bulk discounts given.

When the application is installed on your mobile device, the location services are automatically enabled, allowing your employer to view your location, from their dashboard map. Your location updates periodically, depending on the frequency of your phone usage and speed of travel.

You may turn off your location services at any point by visiting the settings tab in your app menu. While you will still be able to view your position on your application map, by turning off your location services you will hinder your ability to receive proximity alerts, which are based on your current street-level location.

Keeping your location services on will allow you to anticipate street-level risk zones, and will also help your employer assist you in case of an emergency.

Country and city assessments are concise, bulleted overviews that contain cultural, risk and business continuity information for a specific city or country. These assessments are curated by our threat analysts, who pull from a growing bank of more than 50,000 sources and use custom algorithms to provide a risk score for each city and country, based on a variety of factors (crime, health, environmental, etc.). These risk scores are also used to compare the level of risk you may face in your host location, compared to your designated home location.

For mobile users, country assessments can be found by clicking on the “Country Books” tab of your app menu. City assessments can be found by clicking on the “Cities List” button within a country assessment.

Assessments have been conducted for more than 640 locations around the world, including every country, every capital and major city, as well as the top 300 cities for commerce.

Our solution was built to keep both travelers and employers aware of relevant country-to-street-level risks both prior-to and during travel. This awareness helps travelers and their managers plan and execute safer trips.

In the event of an unpredictable emergency, the Prescient Traveler mobile application is equipped with an alerting panel that allows a user to send a variety of messages back to their “command center” based on the type of situation at hand. These types of messages include: two-click panic alerts, sign-of-life messages, illness & injury messages, personal security messages and custom messages.

If you feel sick, you can navigate to the alerts panel from your app menu and send an “Illness & Injury” message to your command center, with just a few clicks. This message allows you to select pre-defined or custom symptoms, as well as the severity level, thus minimizing the amount of typing needed to communicate.

Additionally, the interactive map in your application will show approved hospitals in your area to visit for medical care. While these hospitals have been vetted by our trained analysts, we do not guarantee satisfactory care and shall not be held responsible should your visit prove unsatisfactory in any manner.

The ability to report an event around you, using text and photo, is not available currently, but will be included in a future app release.

Prescient Traveler reports threat events and significant events that are relevant to you based on your location and a variety of other reporting standards.

Conversely, a dashboard administrator can geo-fence an area, based on an event they feel is significant to their travelers, and push out a message to all travelers in the geo-fenced area.

While you cannot share your location with your friends and family members via the mobile application, your supervisor can report your location to your designated contacts by checking the dashboard. If your location services are turned on, your employer will be able to view Your current location.

Your message will go to your supervisor’s dashboard in the form of an alert. This alert will include your message, the time it was sent, its severity level, as well as your approximate location when the message was sent.

When logged into their dashboard account, your supervisor will be able to see your message.

You cannot receive alerts without cellular service or wifi. Once connected to a provider, you will receive all proximity alerts and location-based event alerts in your app inbox (always located at the top right corner of your screen).

Prescient partners with a variety of medical assistance and evacuation services companies that can easily roll their service models into Prescient’s.

Please contact a Prescient Traveler Representative for a proposal.

Android: Settings > Application Manager > Prescient Traveler > Storage > Clear Data

iOS: Delete and reinstall the application.

If the problem persists, please contact Prescient Traveler Support Team at ptsupport@prescient.com


  • Ensure that you have the most up-to-date release of the mobile application.
  • Ensure that your device location services are enabled
    • Android: Settings > Privacy > Location
    • iOS: Settings > Prescient Traveler > Location = “Always”
  • Ensure that Location Tracking is enabled within the Mobile Application.
    • From inside the application: Menu (3-bar icon in the upper left) > Settings > Location Tracking


If the problem persists, please contact Prescient Traveler Support Team at ptsupport@prescient.com


  • Location Tracking is a balance between accuracy/precision versus battery life. When the Mobile Application is in the background, it sends your location to the Dashboard less frequently than when it is active. Additionally, the device operating system dictates how frequently the Application can send your location.
    • iOS: You must move 500 meters or more, and the location updates only after 5 minutes or more. Additionally, the iOS operating system sometimes does not follow these documented rules, and location updates will come less frequently. Coming soon! Prescient is working on a new plug-in to increase the update frequency of your location.
    • Android: You must move 50 meters or more, and the location updates after 30 seconds to 1 minute.


If the problem persists, please contact Prescient Traveler Support Team at ptsupport@prescient.com

You will receive Event notifications based on your current position, as well as for Locations in your “My Locations” list. If you’d like to receive notifications for a location on a future itinerary, add the location to your “My Locations” list through the customer portal (see “How do I add another Location” question below).

Currently, threat reports are only available within the mobile application. You may, however, copy the PDF link and open the link on your desktop to print.

Navigate to https://traveler.prescient.com/customerPortal and log in with your Mobile Application Credentials. Under the Locations tab you can add/change/remove Locations. Coming Soon! The next release of the Mobile Application will allow you to update Locations in-app.

Prescient Traveler runs on any Android or iOS device, and you can use your credentials to sign in to the Application on any device.