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A traveler safety solution that is redefining duty of care standards through real time, data-driven insights

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How Prescient Traveler Works

Backed by trained risk analysts and state-of-the art technology, clients benefit from awareness of their surroundings in real time, country/city cultural and risk information and location-based risk alerting. Dashboard users can see their travelers’ locations, statuses, and proximities to both immediate and emerging risks.
  • Risk information is identified, curated, and analyzed by Prescient analysts via proprietary algorithms and technologies.

  • Traveler-specific risk profiles and location-based risk data are populated to individual Mobile Application users.

  • Stakeholders monitor and maintain secure communications with travelers via the Dashboard Application.

“The Prescient Traveler platform is by far the most innovative platform I’ve seen in years. Its ability to use the raw power of SAP HANA’s text analysis and geospatial engines—to keep travelers safe in “real time”—is game-changing. The technologies Prescient’s team has leveraged and the analytic processes they’ve built for the Traveler platform might possibly represent the silver bullet data scientists and analysts only dreamed about a few short years ago.”
Allen Sackadorf - Vice President, SAP National Security Services

Prescient Traveler Product Features

  • Risk information is customized to WHO you are and WHERE you are.

  • Venue-specific risk and cultural assessments, and geographic low-to-high risk zones available for each location.

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring of global travel activities.

  • Contingency planning and coordinated crisis response services.

Prescient Traveler API

For private and public sector consumers that require processed intelligence but do not need visualization tools, access to Prescient Traveler Threat Data is available via secure Application Program Interface (API).

Threat Data includes: Caution Zones, Shelter Sites, Threat Alerting, City Assessments and Country Assessments.

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