Prescient is proud to announce its 2019 partnership with Ethisphere in support of their 11th annual Global Ethics Summit. On March 13th and 14th, be sure to stop by our new booth at the Grand Hyatt in New York City to discuss all things Due Diligence, Cyber & Compliance.

The 11th Annual Global Ethics Summit

For the past decade, the Global Ethics Summit has offered a space for C-Suite executives, board members, and other compliance and ethics professionals to come together to discuss industry topics on behalf of their respective companies. The event is the best place to stay current with compliance trends, discuss best practices with both boutique firms and multinational corporations, and connect with like-minded professionals.

Last year’s tenth-anniversary summit boasted an attendee profile of 255 organizations across 64 industries. Prescient is pleased to be among a handful of partners supporting this year’s summit.

Plenaries and Breakout Sessions

The event offers a combination of plenaries & breakout sessions covering a number of topics across many industries. Past attendees have praised the Summit’s world-class, prestigious speakers, who speak to their specializations with a level of detail that allows audience members to come away with concrete plans to deploy within their own businesses—whether that plan involves reconstructing an ethics & compliance program entirely, or a simple reassessment of financial strategies using new market benchmarks.

At Prescient, we’re particularly excited for talks that overlap with our main practice areas: Due Diligence, Investigations, Cyber, and Intelligence. Specifically, “The Intelligence Behind Due Diligence: How is Data Shaping and Improving Risk Mitigation Across Worldwide Relationships” should offer a valuable look at recent industry changes in analysis techniques. We’re constantly iterating upon our Intelligence Community-derived research tools and techniques, so we’re excited to tap into this discussion around data and due diligence.

Similarly, the breakout session titled “Risk Assessments: How to Identify and Prioritize Key Risks Across Your Operations in the Face of Regional Variability” speaks to a difficulty we address every day: how to safely conduct business across cultures, languages, and countries. As a team of analysts and investigators personally that collectively speaks more than a dozen languages and has completed work in over 110 countries, we’re especially drawn to this session. In fact, we recently wrote a few pieces related to this topic, about the unique difficulties that arise when conducting China-based Due Diligence, and best practices surrounding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, to name just a few pre-conference reads for attendees. Needless to say, we’ll be at the Q&A for this one.

Cybersecurity Conversations

Lately at Prescient, we’ve noticed that our clientele are eager to discuss their company’s current cyber program, and the digital threats that are constantly evolving, and for good reason. This year’s Global Ethics Summit is no different, offering ample dedicated time to discuss mitigating this new threat landscape facing every business. Curious about your company’s exposure to cyber risks? Come find us at the Summit and we’ll compare viewpoints and best practices!

See You in March!

For years the Ethisphere Institute has conducted and promoted sharp analysis on ethical business practices, and we couldn’t be more excited to debut our booth at their top-notch event.

Whether over coffee, Q&As, or in the exhibitor hall, we hope to have a chance to meet you!