Investigative services enhance data security and mitigate cyber risks for businesses

CHICAGO, IL – Prescient, a leading global due diligence and investigations firm headquartered in Chicago, announced the release of Cyber Intelligence services for enterprise risk mitigation. These new solutions screen for cybersecurity risks in today’s threat-prone environment.

The Cyber Intelligence services help clients mitigate human-driven cyber risks such as data mishandling, malicious hacks, or internal data leaks, and represents a specialized investigations capability that combines curated tools and human expertise to enhance companies’ cybersecurity programs across a range of industries.

Cyber Intelligence services include:

  • Executive Digital Protection – Digital identity audits for a company’s key executives to identify vulnerabilities and remove publicly-available personal information.
  • Deep & Dark Web Investigations – Searches of illicit online channels to locate a client’s compromised data.
  • Social Media Monitoring – Ongoing monitoring of social media channels to screen for influential individuals, organizations, or events that may pose elevated risks.

“Compromised information can most often be attributed to human error or malicious actions, and while many corporations are accustomed to taking a reactive position, there is much more that can be done to remain ahead of the curve,” says DJ Fuller, president at Prescient. “We’re excited to offer intelligence solutions dedicated to helping our clients understand and proactively mitigate the complex human element of cybersecurity risk.”

Prescient will continue to focus on innovating their due diligence and investigation services to meet an increasingly diverse set of client needs, and further its core mission to empower organizations to conduct business confidently.

About Prescient

Prescient is a due diligence and investigations firm that provides deeper insights to help clients mitigate risks at every organizational level. Our suite of due diligence, cyber intelligence, know-your-customer, and investigative solutions empower leaders to make informed decisions to protect their people and preserve their reputation. Prescient is comprised of experts with military, research, and intelligence backgrounds who consistently prove the right combination of savvy professionals and intelligence-based analysis can elevate any compliance, due diligence, or investigations program. Visit to learn more.

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