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Mitigate the Complex Human Element of Cybersecurity Risk with Executive Digital Protection, Deep & Dark Web Investigations and Social Media Monitoring

As the frequency and intensity of digital attacks continues to grow along with the average breach cost, security and risk mitigation stakeholders have realized the urgent need to reinforce current data security measures and mitigate human-driven risks for their organizations.

Make your greatest liability your top priority by complementing your firm’s existing data security infrastructure with custom due diligence and investigations services. Our Cyber Intelligence services combine curated tools and industry expertise to enhance your company’s cybersecurity programs and empower time-sensitive decision making.

Whether assessing insider threats from third parties or employees, protecting executives’ digital identities, or initiating social media monitoring, Prescient’s cyber intelligence analysts will proactively screen for vulnerabilities originating from internal human error or malicious actors.

Cyber Intelligence Service Benefits:

  • Enhance data security and mitigate cyber risks
  • Reduction of insider fraud, theft and data leakage
  • Data-driven, real-time decision making
  • Intelligence community driven research

Executive Digital Protection

Prescient’s Executive Digital Protection services provide key intelligence about an executive’s publicly available information and overall online presence to assess exposure to malicious actors. From there, cyber remediation strategies are initiated to limit access to this information and bolster overall executive security.

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Social Media Monitoring

We use a combination of advanced aggregation technology and in-depth knowledge of online communities to collect and combine historical data from multiple online sources. This allows our social media analysts to expose obscure or even deleted information, and our clients to make smart, data-driven business decisions.

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Deep and Dark Web Investigations

Using a curated collection of cyber surveillance technologies, Prescient’s analysts search hidden TOR services, Pastebins, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks, and other deep and dark web communities frequented by hackers and cybercriminals to potentially uncover a firm’s compromised information.

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