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Safeguard Key Personnel from Targeted Cyber Risks

Senior executives are frequent targets of attackers looking to gain access to sensitive corporate information. Reducing the volume of personal information available to the public online is key to protecting your organization’s personnel from digital vulnerabilities.

Locate and determine your key personnel’s overall digital identity with Prescient’s Executive Digital Protection services. We locate and analyze your executives’ sensitive data using our collective Intelligence community best practices. From there, we initiate cyber remediation strategies to limit access to this information and bolster overall executive security.

Executive Digital Protection Service Benefits:

  • Locate and assess key personnel’s digital presence
  • Remove compromised data
  • Mitigate cyber risks with data-driven, real-time decision making
  • Intelligence community analysis

Digital Footprint Assesments

Prescient’s cyber analysts screen online web sources, global media articles, social media platforms, publicly available interviews, and company websites to scope out an executive’s existing digital footprint and determine areas of high exposure.

Threat Scenario Planning

Leveraging their backgrounds in law enforcement and threat scenario planning, Prescient’s investigators review an executive’s public records, address history, and visual mapping imagery of places of residence to determine whether information readily available online could pose a physical security hazard.

Custom Search String Creation

Our cyber intelligence team creates search strings using keywords and discovered information, filtering vast amounts of data to decrease chances of false positives. These search techniques stem from our people’s collective Intelligence Community best practices.

Digital Security Vulnerability Assessment

Our cyber intelligence team looks for instances where password credentials for an executive’s accounts have been stolen and posted in illicit hacker forums on the dark web. Analysts also review open web sources to assess whether the answers to common password security questions are readily available online.

Deep and Dark Web Scrapes

Using a curated collection of cyber surveillance technologies, Prescient’s analysts search hidden TOR services, Pastebins, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks, ClearNet search engines, and other deep and dark web communities frequented by hackers and cybercriminals to determine whether an executive’s private information, or confidential business details, has been compromised.

Digital Cleansing

Based on analysis of any compromised information, our cybersecurity experts craft a list of specific recommendations for improving online security, to include enhancing privacy settings, strengthening passwords, and requesting removal of personal data.

Ongoing Monitoring

Prescient conducts ongoing monitoring of an executive’s online footprint after digital cleansing has been completed. This step helps confirms the executive’s information has been removed and discovers any new instances of personal data being posted online.

How others are using our Executive Digital Protection services…

Using a combination of open web research, deep and dark web scrapes, and social media monitoring, our cyber intelligence team has helped security officers across industries better understand the digital vulnerabilities and online threats facing their CEOs. When sensitive information has been located, our analysts are able to work with online data broker to ensure data removal.