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Track fast-moving events, pinpoint threats and uncover key intelligence

The online conversations around your organization can happen anywhere, anytime with anyone. Without the proper tools and experts to distinguish and analyze these conversations, companies are unable to address their unique risk environment.

If it’s your job to protect your company’s personnel, assets, and reputation, Prescient’s Social Media Monitoring services can provide the insights you need to inform your risk mitigation planning and mitigate threats. Social Media Monitoring identifies and tracks relevant topics, trends, influencers and sentiment towards your business and can mean the difference between averting disaster and flying blind. From assisting security teams with assessing the impact of political demonstrations to supporting law firms gathering evidence for use in litigation —our social media monitoring analysts work with industries across verticals to empower time-sensitive decision making.

We’re able to provide an in-depth look at your business’ social media accounts and conversations using leading data collection technology, deep and dark web investigative tactics and our most valuable asset –our people’s intelligence community research techniques to help you protect what matters most. Don’t wait for an immediate crisis, read on to learn how our social media monitoring services can deliver actionable insights for your business.

Social Media Monitoring Benefits:

  • Asset Protection
  • Reputation Management
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Competitive Analysis

Social Media Monitoring

We use a combination of advanced aggregation technology and in-depth knowledge of online communities to collect and combine historical data from multiple online sources. This allows our social media analysts to expose obscure or even deleted information, and our clients to make smart, data-driven business decisions.

Deep and Dark Web Investigations

Our social media monitoring services provide access to our cyber intelligence team which conducts research on the deep and dark web for any hidden or illicit activity associated with a client case. Potential findings can include evidence of plans to disrupt an upcoming event, involvement in dark web black markets, or even bring to light packages of stolen data for sale

Legally Admissible Findings

Our analysts follow meticulous policies when it comes to data collection and preservation of chain of custody. Due to this, social media findings and the corresponding metadata captures can be used as evidence in a court of law and play a pivotal role in litigation.

Sentiment Analysis

Data alone is not enough when it comes to protecting your organization. We establish context around our findings using advanced analytics and social listening software. Our analysts can define the polarity around your company’s conversation using keywords, influencer accounts, and significant mentions associated with companies, individuals or events. These metrics are then used to create a risk profile that can inform important business decisions.

Data Visualization

To clarify interrelated risks, our analysts create visual maps of key influencers and link-chains depicting complex relationships. These techniques, some of which are grounded in Intelligence Community best practices, illustrate key connections in our reports and expose critical players.

How others are using our Social Media Monitoring services…

Prescient’s team of investigators has worked with several multinational organizations to examine social media for operational risks to their businesses such as identifying employees who pose insider threats. Our analysts were able to capture key metadata during our investigation, allowing our findings to ultimately be used in a court of law.