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Beyond the balance sheet.

Initiating a merger or acquisition is a highly complicated affair, one made even more convoluted by the sheer scope of activities, executives, subsidiaries, affiliates, stakeholders, or other key players a buyer needs to vet during the due diligence process. In addition to fundamental financial and legal due diligence, it is increasingly imperative that buyers conduct a comprehensive reputational review so that subtle red flags don’t scupper a potential deal.

With Prescient’s M&A research services, we verify publically-available information about a target company’s reputation to provide an outside perspective on any evident risks. Our analysts leave no stone unturned in uncovering key information about a target company’s history, business standing, key personnel, legal affairs, media footprint, and overall reputation to enhance your internal due diligence efforts.

Strategic hire vetting.

Prescient’s executive screening services thoroughly vet a target company’s C-Suite executives and key personnel to verify their identities, uncover any previous criminal history, confirm employment and education details, verify professional credentials, and conduct open web reputational research.

Get the scoop.

Using custom search strings and a database comprising over 26,000 global media sources, our analysts will screen a target company and its key executives for any negative references in the press, which may be indicative of problems down the line.

Catch criminals.

We screen target companies and their key personnel through international, federal, state, and county court databases to discover previous criminal histories or ongoing civil litigation. Our analysts consult both public records and open web court documents to verify key information, and will dispatch court runners to review physical records, if necessary.

Understand corporate activity.

Our analysts will review commercial business databases, company reports or filings, and business registration documents to expose key information about registered agents, corporate hierarchies, and parent-subsidiary structures that may open up your organization to increased risk.

Dive deeper.

Deep-dive research on the open web and in social media sources can give your firm the edge when vetting a potential deal. For the highest level of scrutiny, a full-scope reputational review can elucidate questionable personal or business relationships that may complicate a merger or acquisition.

How others are using our M&A Due Diligence Services....

To assist multinational clients during the M&A transaction due diligence process, Prescient’s analysts have provided supplemental executive background checks, business capability analysis, and link-chain visualization services to screen for any reputational risks associated with affiliated persons that may impact a potential deal.

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