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Extensive background checks for proactive risk mitigation.

Protecting your firm from damaging risks can be as easy as implementing a stringent background check process, one that serves as gatekeeper for the individuals your company employs or engages. And yet, it can be difficult to appreciate the value of a good-faith background check when automated solutions require you to sift through false-positives or inaccurate data.

Add to this a confusing web of federal and state-level employment regulations, and the background check process can feel unnecessarily time-consuming. You want to ensure that your organization is FCRA-compliant, but you also don’t want a report that triggers more questions than it answers.

Prescient redefines the background check process with insights to help your team ensure that the employees you hire or investors you engage don’t present hidden risks down the line. Using intelligence-based analysis techniques and open web research, our analysts pinpoint a subject’s identity, uncover hard-to-find red flags, and avoid the challenges brought on by automated checks.

All of our reports contain base-level biographical information about a subject’s identity, address history, and any criminal or financial track records that may represent an elevated risk. We meticulously consult an array of resources and navigate complex regulations on a state-by-state basis to keep your organization fully informed and FCRA-compliant.

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