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Hiring the right executive talent can make or break a company’s success, so why gamble with a bare-bones background check? With Prescient’s executive vetting services, we strengthen the new hire screening process with intelligence-based research techniques that fully shed light on a candidate’s background, professional credentials, and overall reputation.

Don’t let the John Smiths of the world throw off the quality of a new hire background check. Using a combination of public records databases, open web research, and social media reviews, we filter out the false-positives to uncover red flags. Our FCRA-compliant reports fully detail instances of past criminal activity, professional and educational credentials, financial issues, or any other relevant information to ensure a candidate is the proper fit for your organization.

Robust integrity checks.

Our analysts search a candidate’s identifying information in public records to confirm Social Security Number (SSN) information (for U.S. nationals), date of birth, and full address history.

Catch the criminals.

We screen candidates through international, federal, state, and county court databases to uncover previous criminal histories. Our analysts consult both public records and open web court documents to verify information. If necessary, we also dispatch court runners to review physical records.

Biographical reviews.

Prescient examines a candidate’s CV, places phone calls, and engages third party verification services to confirm a potential new hire’s employment and educational backgrounds.

Strategic hire vetting.

To confirm candidates’ specialized credentials, our analysts consult state-level departments governing occupational and professional licensure and screen for any sanctions or debarments.

Understand red flags.

For the highest level of scrutiny, our analysts review negative press coverage, open web sources, and social media profiles to discover reputational red flags associated with an executive candidate.

How others are using our Executive Screening Services....

To support firms’ strategic hiring decisions, Prescient’s analysts regularly complete extensive pre-employment background checks to verify high-profile candidates’ identities, credentials, and education, as well as screen them for financial irresponsibility, criminal histories, sanctions or debarments, negative references in global media, and other reputational red flags.

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