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Venture wisely.

Raising investment capital is one of the most consequential choices for your firm, so don’t leave such a critical strategic decision to chance. With Prescient’s enhanced background check services, we review all aspects of a potential investor’s reputation so your team is equipped with the information they need to make vital business decisions with confidence.

We recognize that finding the right investor is not a one-size-fits-all solution for businesses or start-ups, so all of Prescient’s background checks are customized to be cost-effective and provide the appropriate level of depth. Based on your specific needs, our analysts will scour public records, global media sources, sanctions & watch lists, criminal records, or open web sources to ensure that a potential investor doesn’t have any reputational red flags that may come back to haunt you.

Robust integrity checks.

At the most basic level, our background checks leverage public records databases to verify the identities of potential investors by confirming SSN information, dates of birth, address histories, and other identifying information.

Understand red flags.

Using a robust collection of commercial database sources, our analysts screen potential investors for previous criminal histories, negative media references, sanctions & watch list notices, and other questionable business relationships that may expose your company to heightened risk.

Reveal hidden risks.

For a higher level of scrutiny, Prescient utilizes intelligence-based research techniques to discern a potential investor’s open web reputation and review their social media profiles for any suspicious connections or business relationships.

Follow the money.

With Prescient’s asset verification services, our analysts review a potential investor’s financial track record, real property/vehicular ownership data, and any known offshore bank accounts to spot patterns of fiscal irresponsibility.

How others are using our Investor Background Check Services....

When our clients have entered new venture rounds, considered strategic transactions, or initiated investment activity, Prescient’s analysts have supplemented standard financial due diligence with reputational investor background checks to verify assets, check for financial irregularities, and screen for reputational risks that don’t add up.

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