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Look within.

Malicious third parties aren’t the only ones who can threaten your business. Oftentimes the biggest sources of risk can come from within your organization, where you least expect it. With Prescient’s internal investigation services, we uncover the story behind instances of employee misconduct, fraud, vendor integrity issues, or other internal circumstances that may jeopardize your operations or reputation.

When suspicions are raised, our analysts will scour data-rich public records, open web sources, social media profiles, legal proceedings, and global news databases to unearth past red-flag activity or evidence of current unethical behavior. Our intelligence-based research techniques better equip business leaders with thoroughly analyzed facts to empower swift decision-making and preserve key evidence for use in a court of law.

Get the scoop.

Our analysts use custom-built search strings and databases comprising over 26,000 global media sources to screen individuals for any negative references in the press that may suggest a troubling pattern of behavior.

Catch criminals.

We screen employees, contractors, or other internal stakeholders through international, federal, state, and county court databases to discover past criminal activity that may represent a red flag. Our analysts consult both public records and open-web court documents to verify key information, and will dispatch court runners to review physical records, if necessary.

Understand red flags.

Prescient uses intelligence-based research techniques to build full reputational profiles based on data discovered on an individual in the open web. As part of this research, our analysts scour open sources to discover reputational red flags, conflicts of interest, or questionable business/personal relationships.

Untangle complicated webs.

Our in-house social media investigators use specially-developed search strings and a constellation of industry-leading collection tools to monitor individuals for suspicious behavior on social media profiles as well as deep / dark web sources.

Preserve key evidence.

For insider threat situations where an investigation may lead to litigation, well forensically capture crucial social media metadata upon request using MD-5 hash for use in a court of law.

How others are using our Internal Investigation Services....

In instances where employees have been suspected of fraud or other deceitful business practices, our analysts have helped clients in the legal, manufacturing, and even hospitality industries fully vet an individual’s background, look for red flags indicative of other fraudulent activities, and screen social media profiles for publicly-available references to the alleged activity.

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