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Cut through the noise.

When events move fast and your business operations are in jeopardy, its important to have eyes and ears that help your risk management team anticipate risks. In a world where a simple Google search no longer cuts it, deep-dive social media monitoring can make the difference in staying ahead of developments and collecting key intelligence about what people are saying about your firm.

With Prescient’s social media research services, we fuse leading social media monitoring software, specially-developed search strings, and intelligence community research techniques to provide insights that protect your company’s people, its assets, and its reputation. Our social media analysts have supported companies in a range of industries — from security teams assessing the impacts of political demonstrations to pharmaceutical companies analyzing social chatter about new drug launches — to empower time-sensitive decision making.



Untangle complicated webs.

Our analysts develop unique search strings and work with industry-first tools to cut through the noise and hone in on specific events, locations, trends, activities, or interpersonal relationships only discoverable in social media sources.

Dive deeper.

Prescient dives into the internet’s underbelly using a range of dark web crawlers and social media scraping software to uncover hard-to-find red flag information or illicit activities that may pose risk to your business’s operations.

Understand red flags.

We rely on years of due diligence experience scouring U.S. public records, open web sources, and social media profiles to uncover reputational red flags on companies or individuals of interest.

Read the tea leaves.

Using advanced data analytics and social chatter software, we offer insight into the top keywords, influential accounts, and any positive, negative, or neutral references associated with your company or its assets.

Preserve key evidence.

In instances where social media monitoring or investigations may lead to litigation, well forensically capture crucial social media metadata upon request using MD-5 hash for use in a court of law.

How others are using our Social Media Monitoring Services....

Prescient’s team of investigators has worked with a number of multinational firms to screen social media for operational risks to their businesses or employees who pose insider threats, capturing the key metadata along the way so that our findings can ultimately be used in a court of law.

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