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Strengthen your KYC program with intelligence-backed insights

Setting up a Know-Your-Customer program can feel like a burdensome balancing act. While regulatory pressures drive your team to implement rigid anti-money laundering protocols, establishing risk thresholds that are too stringent can mean missing out on major business opportunities.

You want to do right in combating illicit funds, contributing to counterterrorism efforts, and advancing your firms commitment to ethical business practices, yet the challenges in setting up an effective anti-money laundering program have never seemed more daunting.

Enter Prescient. We craft customized Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD), and Beneficial Ownership reporting products that strengthen your KYC program, boost your team’s productivity, and enable you to take on higher risk clients.

We’ve designed our packages to integrate seamlessly into your existing KYC processes and ensure your firm is fully AML compliant. Through our devotion to intelligence-based research techniques, independent analysis, and a truly global reach, we extend your team’s capabilities so that higher-risk customers can be on-boarded with confidence, boosting your bottom line.

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