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Beyond checking the box.

Given the fluidity of anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, its crucial to be on your toes when implementing KYC procedures that go beyond the usual checklists. With research techniques that keep the human in the loop and an emphasis on intelligence-based analysis, Prescient’s anti-money laundering investigation services supplement your firm’s existing capabilities when high-risk customers are identified.

Prescient has supported numerous commercial and retail banks, investment banks, virtual currency exchanges, real estate firms, and other covered institutions in demonstrating good faith to regulators with customized due diligence services. We dig deeper in public records and the open web to help companies comply with the U.S. Bank Secrecy Act; the U.S. PATRIOT Act, Title lll, and Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recommendations.

Verify customer identities.

Prescient reinforces your internal CIP procedures with independent reviews of customers’ personally identifiable information (PII). Using a collection of public records databases and intelligence-based research methodologies, our analysts dig deeper when filtering out false-positive name matches to verify customers’ identities with a high degree of confidence.

One stop AML shop.

We solve data quality issues with Customer Due Diligence (CDD) services that pull from a comprehensive collection of public records, global media resources, sanctions & watch lists, international criminal databases, and open web sources. With an eye toward accurate reporting and quality information, our analysts use their research and analysis expertise to assist your firm with anti-money laundering compliance.

Higher scrutiny for higher risks.

For your riskiest clients, Prescient’s Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) services fuse robust data sets, cutting-edge collection tools, and intelligence-based research techniques to fully investigate red-flagged customers and allow you to pursue potential business opportunities with confidence. Our customized EDD packages encompass extensive open web research, deep/dark web scrapes, social media monitoring, Panama Papers and Offshore Leaks screening, business profile reviews, and foreign language research.

Thwart red tape.

Our beneficial ownership reporting services have been designed to help firms comply with FinCEN’s Final Rule governing beneficial owner requirements, which goes into effect in 2018. Our analysts can help your anti-money laundering team verify the identities of beneficial owners, visualize complicated parent-subsidiary ownership structures, and conduct ongoing monitoring using industry-best analysis and deep-dive research skills.

How others are using our AML Compliance Services....

Prescient’s analysts have helped companies in the financial and real estate industries work through backlogs of high-risk customers by screening them for political exposure, negative references in global media, and international legal issues, in support of customer due diligence (CDD) and enhanced due diligence (EDD) regulatory requirements.

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