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Establishing a customer’s identity, filtering out false-positive name matches, and screening for higher-risk activity can seem like a bottleneck, especially when data quality issues necessitate manual processes within your anti-money laundering program. At Prescient, we’ve curated a robust collection of public records, commercial databases, and open web resources to lessen the usual patchwork of third party KYC vendors you rely on and ensure customer data is as accurate as possible.

Using intelligence-based research techniques and foreign language expertise, our analysts connect the dots between multiple sources of data to verify customer identities and enable more meaningful risk-benchmarking. Our customer due diligence services provide essential information about a potential client’s identity, criminal and financial histories, and any reputational red flags to ensure your firm is AML compliant.

Verify identities.

For available jurisdictions, our analysts review U.S. and international public records databases to verify customer identities, addresses, and any criminal or financial histories that may pose a higher risk for fraud. We take special care to use a potential customer’s personally identifiable information (PII) to filter out false-positive name matches using intelligence-based research methodologies.

Trace political connections.

We screen over 1.4 million politically exposed persons (PEP) profiles to identify a customer’s service to a public function or ties to politically exposed individuals that, by virtue of their position and influence, may present a higher risk for corrupt activity. Our Customer Due Diligence services additionally go a step further in screening open web and social media sources for further evidence of political exposure.

Screen for sanctions and debarments.

Our analysts review over 800 sanctions and watch lists to uncover any previous financial sanctions, debarments, or warrants issued against a potential customer. The sanctions and watch lists screened include the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) list, Department of State lists, Directorate of Trade Controls, Consolidated List of Debarred Parties, Most Wanted lists, and many others.

Catch criminals.

Prescient searches international, federal, state, and county court databases to discover a potential customers previous criminal history or any ongoing litigation. Our analysts consult both public records and open web court documents to verify information in primary sources. If necessary, we also dispatch court runners to review physical records and ensure data accuracy.

Get the scoop.

Using specially-created search strings that screen for keywords related to fraud, corruption, and bribery, our analysts consult databases comprising over 26,000 global media sources to find any negative references to a potential customer in the press that may be indicative of a troubling pattern of behavior. When necessary, our analysts also supplement this research with open web global media research.

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