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Higher scrutiny for higher risks.

Don’t let imperfect datasets, overflow work, or automation inaccuracies scupper potential business opportunities. With deeper-dive analysis that scales-in when you need it, Prescient supplements your firm’s existing KYC program to thoroughly and independently screen red-flagged customers who require a higher level of scrutiny. We tailor all of our services based on location, identified risk, and volume to fully address your AML needs.

When red flags are found, Prescient’s Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) services provide the highest degree of investigation to ensure your organization isn’t overexposed to risk. We use advanced intelligence-based analysis techniques like beneficial ownership link-chains, deep/dark web searches, and extensive social media research to examine every aspect of a potential customer’s background and reputation.

Reveal hidden risks.

Using intelligence-based research methodologies, we build a full reputational profile on your customers based on data discovered in the open web. Our analysts scour open sources to uncover evidence of political exposure, conflicts of interest, or questionable personal/professional relationships. We also deploy dark web crawlers to uncover hard-to-find red flag information or illicit activities that may expose your firm to elevated risk.

Extend your global reach.

Our team is proficient in critical languages including Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Urdu, Farsi, Pashto, among others, and has conducted over 7,000 EDD investigations in more than 105 countries. Our analysts are familiar with overseas public records and media sources, and strive to uncover information during the KYC process that would otherwise remain hidden using English-language searches only.

Dive deeper.

Oftentimes the most critical red-flag information is found where you least expect it. With an eye to research that is both complete and cutting-edge, Prescient’s Enhanced Due Diligence reports include social media scrapes of your customer’s online profiles to identify evidence of past or present political exposure, questionable personal behavior, and suspicious personal/professional connections.

Uncover shell companies.

Prescient screens customers through the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJs) online Panama Papers and Offshore Leaks databases to find evidence of offshore bank accounts that may be indicative of financial misconduct. In addition, our analysts can create link-chain analysis visuals that map out interrelationships between parents/subsidiaries, companies, individuals, and accounts to fully elucidate your firms exposure to risk.

Understand corporate activity.

Our analysts review commercial business databases, company reports or filings, and business registration documents to expose key information about a customer entity’s registered agents, corporate hierarchies, and parent-subsidiary structures that may open up your firm to elevated risks. Prescient’s Enhanced Due Diligence services expand outward from your customer to ensure that affiliated entities don’t serve as a backdoor for illicit activities.

How others are using our Enhanced Due Diligence Services....

Using in-house foreign language capabilities, Prescient’s analysts have supplemented financial institutions’ existing AML capabilities by performing native language global media, social media, and open web research, enabling them to take on higher risk clients in hard-to-penetrate markets like China, Russia, Latin America and the Middle East.

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