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Thwart red tape.

FinCEN’s Final Rule on beneficial ownership requirements doesn’t need to bog down your internal anti-money laundering procedures. With Prescient’s risk-based reporting services, we augment covered financial institutions existing capabilities to independently verify the identities of beneficial owners for legal entity customers.

Using intelligence-based research techniques, our analysts clarify complicated parent-subsidiary ownership structures and dive deep into corporate registration documents to identify individuals who own significant equity interests or possess controlling responsibility at a legal entity customer. We do the heavy lifting to ensure your Customer Due Diligence program effectively implements beneficial ownership reporting and is fully compliant with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA).

Robust integrity checks.

Prescient’s analysts review public records and open sources to verify the identities, address histories, and other personally identifiable information (PII) of customers and their key beneficial owners.

Untangle complicated webs.

Using business profile databases, Secretary of State resources, and open web research, our analysts identify any entities affiliated with your customers and clarify complicated parent-subsidiary ownership structures.

Visualize key relationships.

When complex ownership structures are identified, we utilize intelligence-based link-chain analysis charts to visually represent interrelationships between your customers, beneficial owners, parents or subsidiaries, and any other entities that may pose a higher degree of risk.

Stay current.

Using a risk-based customer due diligence approach, Prescient offers ongoing monitoring services to rescreen your customers, their beneficial owners, or related entities when your organization identifies suspicious activities.

How others are using our Beneficial Ownership Services....

For financial, real estate, or legal clients who require in-depth research into a customer’s corporate structure, our analysts have provided deep-dive business registration, social media, global media, and link-chain visualization services to map out key personal and professional relationships that infer beneficial ownership information.

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