Our EDP Program was designed with the convergence of cyber and physical security in mind. We combine technology with expert analysis to mitigate risks to executives, celebrities, high-net worth individuals, and other high-profile clients. We also understand that each client is different, and our solution reflects that reality.

The market is flooded with solutions to online privacy, digital footprinting, and security consulting. Our Executive Digital Protection (EDP) Program is the only solution that combines automation and proprietary tools with the expert intelligence gathering of experienced analysts to mitigate digital risks and deliver key insights. Simply put, Prescient’s EDP program is unique.

What makes our EDP program not only different, but better?

1. Automation + Analysis = Results

Using proprietary data, such as our repository of nearly 40 billion breached credentials and other bespoke tools, we uncover insights other providers won’t; however, our report is much more than a data dump. We are not a “do it yourself” platform or software solution. We provide tech-enabled analysis, which allows our clients to effectively mitigate risk.

2. We Analyze Physical and Cyber Risks

It’s true that mitigating an executive’s physical security risk can be partially done through executive protection, camera systems, and site assessments, but it’s also true that it can never been done comprehensively without including details their online presence. Our assessment is the most wide-ranging on the market and covers concerns such as real-time location vulnerabilities, open-source property features, and travel itineraries, as well as standard cybersecurity issues.

3. Analysts Explore the “Inner Circle”

While an executive or private client can create risks for themselves online, this risk can be multiplied by close associates such as friends, family, and colleagues. An exposure assessment covering only the principal ignores a variety of other risks brought about by their inner circle. Our team is adept at unraveling the social media presence for our client’s children, for example, which has often led us to pinpoint concerns hat affect client safety such as itinerary oversharing.

4. We Follow Up

Executive Digital Protection is just that: protection. Our EDP program doesn’t end with our comprehensive assessmnet, it begins with it. After we’ve broken down an executive’s online presence, we work with clients to remove their leaked personally identifiable information (PII) from data aggregators; consult on how best to present themselves online and promote positive information; and monitor open and dark web sources for threats to the executive, their family, and their business.