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Malicious third parties aren’t the only ones that can threaten your business; sometimes, the biggest risks are right under your nose. According to a recent insider threat study, approximately one-third of the 500 executives surveyed said that insider threats cost their organizations more in financial losses and reputational risk than any other threats.

  • Insider Threats
  • Employee Misconduct
  • Internal Fraud
  • Corporate Espionage

To help ensure losses due to internal threats are minimized, Prescient analysts conduct fraud, internal employee misconduct, vendor integrity, and other investigations, in support of an organization’s insider threat initiatives.

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Industries Served

Prescient’s Internal Investigations service supports a variety of clients that require deeper insights to clarify risks and opportunities. We proudly serve the following clients and welcome inquiries across all industries.

  • Consumer Products
  • Retail, Wholesale & Distribution
  • Industrial Products & Construction
  • Mining & Metals
  • Oil, Gas & Chemicals
  • Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Fortune 500 Companies

How it works

When you expect accurate and timely results, you’ll get them. We won’t bog you down with endless details and irrelevant fluff. Save time and energy with our Bottom-Line-Up-Front approach that presents quick-hit insights at the beginning of your reports, so you can quickly understand business risks.

Case Study


A global law firm was representing a client who was being sued by an individual for lost income stemming from an automobile accident. This individual claimed the firm’s client was at fault for the accident, and that the injuries he sustained had prevented him from traveling overseas to execute business deals resulting in the loss of millions of dollars.


Standard public records checks uncovered legal cases and civil suits involving the subject, but no adverse information was uncovered. Further open source research did not discover any social media profiles for the subject, although profiles were found belonging to several members of his immediate family. Our analysts then used the latest eDiscovery tools to capture metadata and ensure court-admissible findings were presented to the client.


Our analysts’ research identified the subject’s political agenda and means of disseminating information. We identified the subject’s network of individuals, locations, and organizations in the U.S. and abroad, thereby providing the organization with valuable intelligence to use in future legal proceedings. It also ensured they were prepared to address claims that the subject might make about the organization.

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