When you suspect one of your employees of misconduct, discretion and attention must be balanced with speed. Whether an employee is jeopardizing the financial, legal, or moral integrity of your organization, our team of former law enforcement agents (with experience at both the municipal and federal levels) helps you zero in on the root of the issue.

Prescient’s Internal Investigations service efficiently provides all the information you need to move forward, relying on a combination of open sources and legal records—and, if necessary, discreet inquiries and interviews. Our experts help expose integrity concerns at any level, enabling you to take decisive action as soon as possible.

Use Cases:

To help ensure losses due to internal threats are minimized, Prescient analysts conduct fraud, internal employee misconduct, vendor integrity, and other investigations, in support of an organization’s insider threat initiatives.

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Who We Help

Prescient welcomes inquiries across all industries regarding our Internal Investigations service. We support a variety of legal professionals and their clients, including those in the following sectors:

  • Retail, Wholesale & Distribution
  • Industrial Products & Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining & Metals
  • Oil, Gas & Chemicals
  • Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment
  • Aerospace & Defense

How It Works

With a seasoned team of former law enforcement agents, analysts, and corporate experts, Prescient works with your organization to uncover the depth of the issue and contain the scope. We utilize social media tools, official legal records, and discreet interviews to provide a comprehensive view of the situation, enabling you to act with confidence.

Case Study

The Situation

The client had recently learned that one of its volunteers had joined its internship program in order to covertly record members of the organization. A foreign media outlet published a video that included audio and footage of the organization’s leaders.

The Solution

Using a now-defunct social media profile and the name of a possible co-worker, Prescient’s
analysts identified multiple social media groups based in the subject’s home country. Members within these groups use aliases for organizing events, giving interviews, and blogging. Prescient’s analysts compared dates, locations, photographs, as well as local public records, in order to identify the individuals leading these groups.

Extensive social media discovery and research in traditional media databases revealed the subject’s brother previously worked for the foreign media outlet that created the video; the subject and his brother also collaborated on similar media projects. Prescient’s analysts delivered a report that identified the subject’s political agenda and means of disseminating information.

The Significance

Prescient identified the subject’s network of individuals, locations, and organizations in the U.S. and abroad, thereby providing the client with valuable intelligence to use in future legal proceedings. It also ensured the client was prepared to address claims that the subject might make about its organization.

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