Senior executives, high net worth individuals, and celebrities are frequent targets of nefarious individuals looking to gain access to sensitive information. Prescient’s Executive Digital Protection Program (EDP) was designed to help high-risk subjects understand and mitigate their digital and physical risks, and has evolved into a premier offering of the executive cybersecurity market.


Prescient experts begin by “red-teaming” the subject, using publicly available information across the open web, dark web, and social media platforms to assess their current vulnerability level. This phase assesses the level to which the subject—and their immediate family members—have had personal information exposed to the public, and describes the physical and cyber security implications of that exposure.

The assessment includes:

  • Identification and analysis of personal online accounts
  • Deep and Dark web exposure in forums, marketplaces, and other sites with user-generated content
  • Compromised credentials and other records with personally identifiable information (“PII”)
  • Social media exposure
  • Availability of sensitive PII on the surface web and in data aggregators
  • Family social media identification and analysis of how behavior exposes the subject to risk
  • Identification of impersonator accounts
  • Real property and other asset exposure
  • Security question vulnerabilities
  • Analysis of identifiable close connections

Experts analyze and compile all research into an easy-to-read report that clearly identifies areas of concern and provides recommendations for remediation and enhanced security.


While the assessment is being completed, analysts begin removing the subject’s name, phone number, email, address, and more from online data brokers who profit from collecting and selling this information. Prescient uses an “online hardening” strategy designed to reduce the volume of publicly visible personal information, while increasing the level of complexity needed to attack the subject. In addition, we attempt to de-index select online data broker search results from Google and Bing, once PII is removed from the page.


For subjects with especially high online activity and/or risk profiles, Prescient can supplement the assessment and data removal components of the EDP program with ongoing monitoring through deep and dark web sources and an in-house breached credentials repository. Solutions include:

  • Deep and dark web monitoring including for hacked accounts and other compromised PII
  • Social media account impersonation monitoring and take-downs
  • Monitoring of threats posted on social media, blogs and forums
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