Senior executives and high net worth individuals are frequent targets of attackers looking to gain access to sensitive information. Reducing the volume of personal information available to the public online is key to protecting your organization’s personnel from digital vulnerabilities.

Executive Digital Protection Services:

  • Digital Footprint Assessments
  • Threat Scenario Planning
  • Custom Search String Creation
  • Security Question Vulnerability Reviews
  • Deep & Dark Web Searches
  • Digital Scrubbing Recommendations
  • Ongoing Monitoring

Executive Digital Protection Benefits:

  • Locate and assess key personnel’s digital presence
  • Remove compromised data
  • Mitigate cyber risks with data-driven, real-time decision making
  • Intelligence community analysis

Locate and determine your key personnel’s overall digital identity with Executive Digital Protection services. We locate and analyze executives’ sensitive data using our collective intelligence community best practices. From there, we initiate cyber remediation strategies to limit access to this information and bolster overall executive security.

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Interested Parties

Prescient’s Executive Digital Protection service supports a variety of clients that require deeper insights to clarify risks and opportunities. We proudly serve the following clients and welcome inquiries across all industries.

  • C-Suite Executives
  • Members of the Board of Directors
  • Key Personnel
  • Law Firm Partners
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISO)
  • Chief Security Officers

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