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When faced with high-stakes litigation and disputes, timeliness and responsiveness are crucial. Our team of former law enforcement agents and forensics consultants work with clients and their counsel to uncover critical information, giving them the upper hand.

Use Cases:

  • Interviews & On-the-Ground Support
  • Social Media Metadata Capture
  • Witness Location

Whether gather evidence for impending litigation, preparing for a strategic transaction, or enhancing internal compliance programs, litigation support services can augment your existing strategyand empower you and your clients to make legal decisions with confidence.

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Who We Help

Prescient welcomes inquiries from legal professionals at any phase of ongoing or potential litigation. We support a variety of clients with ongoing legal matters that require investigative resources, including those within the following categories:

  • Law Firms
  • Private Attorneys
  • Federal Investigations Departments
  • Corporate General Counsel and Legal Departments

How It Works

Prescient’s team of experts utilizes decades of law enforcement and forensics experience to uncover hidden or inconspicuous evidence that can shift a case in your favor. With the ability to provide metadata captures, we are scrupulous in preserving the chain of custody and ensuring information is legally admissible.

Case Study

The Problem

A global law firm was representing a client who was being sued by an individual for lost income stemming from an automobile accident. This individual claimed the firm’s client was at fault for the accident, and that the injuries he sustained had prevented him from traveling overseas to execute business deals resulting in the loss of millions of dollars.

The Solution

Standard public records checks uncovered legal cases and civil suits involving the subject, but no adverse information was uncovered. Further open source research did not discover any social media profiles for the subject, although profiles were found belonging to several members of his immediate family.

Photos on their profiles showed the subject on vacations and business trips in Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. Our analysts then used the latest eDiscovery tools to capture metadata and ensure court-admissible findings were presented to the client.

The Significance

Our social media investigators were able to assist a global law firm in uncovering a case of disability fraud. Prescient’s analysts captured court-admissible insights that allowed the firm to undercut the plaintiff’s assertions and successfully execute a legal strategy to protect their client. Explore the full case study.

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