Prescient works with global law firms and corporate counsel to provide best-in-class investigative support during high stakes litigation proceedings and disputes. Our professionals provide investigative and consulting support during the entire dispute spectrum, from pre-complaint to post-judgment. We have worked with counsel on a variety of matters, including accounting fraud, employee misconduct, intellectual property theft, class actions, labor and employment disputes, and breach response.


Our team of open-source intelligence (OSINT) analysts work with counsel to discover case-relevant information. We have assisted with vetting adversarial witnesses and parties; uncovering key case facts; and creating a verifiable timeline of events.


Based on the needs of counsel and the case context, investigators can use both online and local resources to uncover hidden or undisclosed assets. Research can target real estate and vehicles, charitable or political donations, corporate holdings, and other assets. ­­­


Our team works with counsel to identify key witnesses and provide up-to-date contact information, including addresses. This is done not only through commercial databases, but also using knowledge of U.S. and global public records. After a witness has either been provided or identified, our team of former law enforcement agents can interview them for extra case-relevant information.


Investigators work hand-in-hand with our cyber team to forensically capture evidence from computers, mobile devices, hard drives, and cloud environments. Our digital forensics capabilities have global coverage and were developed by experts with diverse backgrounds in the public and private sectors. Prescient’s forensics investigators have years of experience providing expert analyses through written and oral testimony.

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