Prescient’s expert team in the U.S. and E.U. utilizes proprietary technologies and decades of investigative expertise to help organizations of all sizes respond to data breaches and uncover critical intelligence through digital forensics.

Whether your organization is confronting a ransomware attack, insider threat or internal investigation, business email compromise, or other issue, our team can help. DFIR services rely on advanced software, proprietary toolsets, and recognized protocols to collect and preserve data found on laptops, smartphones, and other sources. We can also provide e-Discovery services for clients managing large quantities of data. When pertinent, these services can be deployed in the context of criminal proceedings and civil litigation.


If you discover a cyber incident such as an attack, data breach, suspected espionage, or other threats, our team is trained to seamlessly integrate with your team from initiation to remediation or else provide you with the autonomy to manage the situation. We offer assistance to start the response process or can completely manage impending or active incidents.


Prescient’s digital forensics professionals help locate and examine evidence within digital media. Our state-of-the-art digital forensics tools are used to identify, recover, analyze, present, and preserve facts needed for the resolution of computer issues as well as legal proceedings. Prescient is comprised of qualified professionals who possess the skillsets to capture static and dynamic data in a variety of digital environments (e.g., standalone, network, and cloud).

We also help individuals, companies, attorneys, and law firms find, analyze, organize, and review electronic data for use in judicial proceedings. We sift through data, locating only relevant information, in a manner that is efficient and cost effective. While there are no simple solutions for addressing large amounts of electronically stored information, Prescient’s methods used in both civil and criminal cases have demonstrated proven results for clients time and time again.

Prescient’s DFIR team is led by Anthony Reyes, a nationally recognized forensics expert with certifications in Digital and Mobile Forensics, Cryptocurrency Investigations, Data Privacy, Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, and InfoSec Assessments, among others. Before joining Prescient, he served as a Senior Manager in BDO’s National Security/CFIUS Compliance Practice. Anthony also served as a Detective in the New York City Police Department Cyber Crimes Unit, where he led emergency response for crimes involving critical infrastructure, cyber terrorism, large scale intrusions, sensitive data breaches, and other crimes perpetrated by sophisticated threat actors. He has provided written and oral testimony in hundreds of criminal and civil cases, and has been appointed as a neutral computer forensic expert on numerous occasions.

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