Strengthen your hiring process with FCRA-compliant background checks intended for executives, partners, board members, and other senior hires. Non-automated research goes beyond public records and verifications for employment and education, culminating in a thorough, holistic report.


Prescient has vetted thousands of partners transferring between the biggest law firms in the world, often uncovering latent reputational, and even criminal, issues that go undiscovered in the decades since the beginning of an individual’s law career. We also work with multinational corporations and global executive recruiting firms to fully vet executive candidates, moving beyond the typical public records and employment verification processes to provide an extensive look into social media activity and past business dealings.


In addition to exhaustive searches through criminal, civil, bankruptcy, judgment, and lien records, Prescient references dozens of public and proprietary sources to provide holistic information on an executive’s reputation and biography, eclipsing the automated, database-driven findings that have become industry standard.


Moving beyond traditional reference checks, Prescient identifies a large pool of former colleagues or acquaintances, as well as industry professionals, who may be able to provide insight into a subject’s reputation. Dozens of in-depth telephonic conversations are summarized in an anonymized and extensive narrative format that aims to holistically augment the information already uncovered by traditional research. The intent of these conversations is not only to gain a qualitative sense of a subject’s working style and personality, but also to potentially uncover integrity or other reputational issues that may have been commonly acknowledged among coworkers, but omitted from any online sources.


One of Prescient’s founding members has worked to build a dedicated analyst team from the ground up catered specifically to industry-leading, volume pre-employment screening, a service which presents specialized challenges compared to executive checks.

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