If your team’s safety is on the line, human analysis can provide crucial details about fast-moving events. When it comes to detecting the source of a threat, locating people who don’t want to be found, or combing through vast amounts of data, the speed and accuracy of trained analysts can make the difference in protecting your firm from potential dangers.

Use Cases:

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Who We Help

Given the volatile nature of such situations, Prescient’s Investigations Practice works closely with clients to identify and mitigate threats. Our team handles cases discreetly and cost-effectively and delivers findings based on each client’s requirements.

  • Corporate Security Departments
  • General Counsel and Legal Departments
  • Risk & Compliance Officers
  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISO)

How It Works

Response time can be imperative when it comes to volatile threats—in order to prioritize immediate action, we work with clients and law enforcement to provide critical updates in real-time. Prescient’s analysts begin with open-source research, targeting the social media history of malicious actors and any discovered associates. Upon discovery of patterns of violent behavior or access to weapons, we capture metadata that could later be used as admissible evidence in current or future legal cases.

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