Prescient steps in when it matters most: a client’s personnel or assets are under threat. Using a combination of industry-leading OSINT tools; longstanding relationships with law enforcement; and a network of vetted experts, Prescient’s Investigations Practice can help clients mitigate risks associated with threatening employees or third parties. Critical updates are provided in real-time and all metadata indicating patterns of violent behavior or access to weapons is captured for use in subsequent legal proceedings.


Our cyber team is adept at identifying anonymous threat actors using open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools and proprietary data. Once a threat actor’s identity has been confirmed, we can provide traditional investigative support. Investigators access criminal records, litigation records, social media profiles, and other commercial records to build a risk profile of the threat actor. Investigators can also conduct “deep dive” online investigations into a targeted threat actor to identify all online accounts associated with a subject.


Once an investigation has been conducted, our team can work with clients to mitigate any further risk presented by a threat actor. Our team can surveil a threat actor’s profiles to monitor for threatening communications that may not be identified in broader monitoring and deploy on-site security, if necessary. Our team of former federal agents has also assisted organizations in coordinating with state, local, and federal law enforcement to ensure the safety of their operations, assets, and personnel. We can also engage the services of a board-certified forensic psychologist to assess a threat actor and provide a behavioral threat assessment.

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