Utilizing intelligence-based methodologies and tools, Prescient provides ongoing monitoring and bespoke threat response services to protect our clients’ personnel and assets. We leverage cutting-edge technology and proprietary data sets to deliver unparalleled results.

Online Threat Monitoring 

Identifying and responding to online threats is a critical part of any security program. Our analysts work with security stakeholders to monitor millions of deep and dark web sites, hundreds of social media platforms, and countless blogs, message boards, and other sites with user-generated content to identify threatening posts, threat actors, and other intelligence. Our monitoring aims to identify physical threats, cyber threats, and reputationally damaging posts targeting corporations, executives, and private clients.  

Threat Attribution 

Prescient leverages a custom-built threat attribution platform and utilizes other proprietary tools and techniques to identify a real-world individual behind an alias, email address, phone number, or other identifier. Our team has revealed the true identities of sophisticated “hacktivist” networks, threatening social media users, and anonymous email addresses, among others, in support of our clients’ goals. We begin by using in-house tools to quickly search millions of open sources and proprietary databases for provided identifiers, then continuously pivot off of newly discovered content until we have a real-world individual. We can then analyze all posted content to assess whether they pose a legitimate threat, and cross-reference various restricted public record databases. 

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Who We Help

Our dedicated team of professionals has worked with corporate stakeholders, family offices, and others to address a variety of sensitive matters:

  • Chief Security Officers
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Security Firms & External Security Consultants
  • High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) & Family Offices
  • Public Relations Firms

How It Works

Using cutting-edge technology and decades of experience, our teams deliver critical intelligence for our clients. We pride ourselves on customizing each engagement to the client’s needs.

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