Identifying and responding to online threats is a critical part of any corporate security program, as is monitoring ongoing events that affect business. Utilizing cutting-edge monitoring tools and proprietary data, Prescient monitors millions of deep and dark web sites, hundreds of social media platforms, and millions of blogs, message boards, forums, and other sites with user-generated content to deliver actionable insights to clients. Our monitoring will aim to identify physical threats, cyber threats, reputationally damaging posts referencing the client, and other client-relevant intelligence. Standard monitoring parameters will be supplemented with curated threat keywords and keywords that are specific to the client’s risk profile and/or situation, to be determined in close consultation with stakeholders. Our monitoring capability is global in scope, covering social media platforms, forums, and websites in every geography and language.


Prescient leverages a battery of social media and open-source monitoring tools to provide holistic coverage of chatter referencing our clients. In addition to utilizing industry leading commercial technologies, we leverage custom-built collection tools that reach into the deep and dark web to provide insight into forums, message boards, and other sources often not covered by commercial solutions. We are especially well versed in right-wing extremist activity and rely on proprietary data to deliver intel for our clients.


Analysts leverage access to closed forums and other dark web sources with user generated content to supplement traditional social media monitoring efforts. Our team specializes in navigation and collection within hacker and political extremist groups, black markets, messaging platforms such as Telegram or Discord, paste sites, leaked credential repositories, dark web blogs, forums, and message boards, among others.


Prescient’s global team assists clients looking to understand their exposure in foreign markets or in the leadup to a major event. We have helped multinational corporations, NGOs, and governments track individuals or groups of interest, monitor foreign language social media in the aftermath of a major announcement, and prepare for major events by monitoring threat chatter.


Threat actors and criminals often attempt to profit from brands and executives by creating imposter social media profiles and fraudulent or spoofed domains. These can be used to launch phishing campaigns, scams, and distribution of stolen property, among other threats. Prescient can assist by monitoring these types of impersonator accounts and taking them down on an ongoing basis.

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