Drysdale joined OnSolve Experts Matt Bradley and Ann Pickren, a well as Castellan Chief Operating Officer Brian Zawada to discuss how organizations can build resilience in 2022

Watch the 2022 Predictions Panel here to listen to Prescient and OnSolve experts discuss organizational security plans and security risk mitigation in the coming year.

OnSolve directly addresses the limitations of traditional critical event management solutions. From inefficient methods for gathering intelligence and time-consuming human analysis to slower legacy systems and irrelevant event alerts, organizations need a better way. They offer advanced critical event management capabilities designed with speed, relevance, and usability in mind to help customers achieve successful outcomes during a crisis. OnSolve combines artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, unmatched expertise, and a modern platform to get the right information to the right people in the right way at the right time.

Drysdale joined Prescient in 2016 and has been instrumental in building in the firm’s Executive Digital Protection (EDP) and Threat Monitoring offerings. She continues to share thought leadership and industry best practices related to a variety of physical and cybersecurity topics, including organizational resilience. Stefanie also serves as a dedicated resource for high-profile clients ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to global family offices.

All questions regarding Prescient and our partnership with OnSolve can be directed to Sam Rodgers at srodgers@prescient.com.