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Vet your third parties.

Managing risk at your organization is fraught with enough internal challenges, let alone having to account for the actions of third parties that may be out of your control. With Prescient’s specialized due diligence reports, we take the guesswork out of selecting new service providers by equipping you with key information that helps limit your company’s exposure to external risks.

When potential vendors, suppliers, or distributors need to be vetted, our analysts use intelligence-based analytic techniques to uncover operational inconsistencies, unlawful business activities, or reputational warning signs. Our services form the backbone of a robust risk-based anti-corruption program that clarifies who you’re partnering with and helps your company comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Understand red flags.

Our due diligence analysts scour global media databases, criminal records, sanctions & watch lists, politically exposed persons (PEP) lists, and the open web to uncover any reputational red flags associated with third parties.

Grow your business right.

Prescient’s vendor and supplier due diligence solutions scale-in to complement your company’s FCPA compliance program.  We customize all of our due diligence services to enhance anti-corruption safeguards and ensure your organization is fully compliant.

Understand corporate activity.

We review business registration documents and conduct asset verifications to confirm that a third party’s stated capabilities match financial realities. Our analysts are trained to spot operational inconsistencies that may be indicative of fraud.

Local investigative operations.

For vendors or suppliers operating in emerging markets, in particular, Prescient works with a network of over 300 vetted investigators in over 60 countries who gain access to local registration or criminal records, verify operating locations, and confirm a business’s operating status.

Stay current.

Using a risk-based approach to FCPA compliance, Prescient offers ongoing monitoring services to re-screen existing vendors, suppliers, or distributors for any changes in company standing, unlawful activity, or questionable business practices.

How others are using our Vendor & Supplier Due Diligence Services....

When looking to source or manufacture goods and services from abroad, Prescient’s analysts have helped clients in a range of industries conduct reputational due diligence on potential vendors, suppliers, or other third parties to check for good business standing and ensure their stated capabilities match operational realities.

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