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Global investigations that clarify complex risks.

Complicated risks require flexible analysis, especially when critical business decisions hang in the balance. One day a disgruntled employee prompts an internal investigation that may lead to litigation, while the next day fast-moving events necessitate a social media deep-dive to ensure your business operations avoid disruption.

When unconventional risks jeopardize your bottom line, having a network of investigators at your fingertips can make the difference in executing an effective response. Using industry-leading tools, foreign-language knowledge, and intelligence-based research techniques, the right team of experts will empower you to make pivotal decisions with confidence.

Prescient bridges the gap between global reach and local fact-finding with a network of 340+ investigators in over 60 countries worldwide. Their collective experience conducting interviews, building link-chain analysis visuals, and obtaining local records means your firm is covered when on-the-ground research is needed.

Whether your company is preparing for pending litigation, researching an insider threat, or conducting social media monitoring, our specialized investigative services will equip your team with the high-impact information it needs to choose a particular course of action.

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