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Avoid legal bombshells.

Preparing for litigation is a high-stakes process, one made even more difficult by the potential for bombshell pieces of information to derail a case that is months in the making. Prescient’s litigation support services help attorneys avoid costly legal mistakes by uncovering vital information on individuals and assets involved in a case.

Engaging experts trained in intelligence-based analysis makes the difference when screening defendants, expert/adversarial witnesses, or other concerned parties. Our analysts provide investigation services at every stage of a case, from pre-trial to post-judgment, using state-of-the-art eDiscovery tools and savvy open web research techniques. Our team has supported some of the world’s largest law firms in a variety of cases, including corporate espionage, internal fraud, and regulatory compliance.

Confirm crucial information.

Our team assists clients in tracking down critical evidence through discreet and timely investigations that provide an edge in court, or prevent trial altogether. Fact finding investigations can identify and locate potential witnesses, screen possible jurors, and uncover impeachment information on opposing witnesses.

Robust integrity checks.

We thoroughly vet witnesses to determine compliance with regulators and screen them for any red-flag activity that could call their evidence into question. Our analysts pour through global databases of criminal records, sanctions, politically exposed persons, and legal cases to discover impeachment information on adversarial or friendly witnesses. We also conduct research into a witness’s professional affiliations and backgrounds to anticipate future testimony.

Untangle complicated webs.

Prescient’s in-house social media experts monitor individuals to identify unethical or illegal behavior and previously undisclosed associations. We have the means to analyze social chatter, scrape deep and dark web sources, and preserve crucial social media metadata evidence for use in a court of law.

Follow the money.

Analysts uncover concealed or undisclosed real estate, vehicle, or monetary assets in the pre-trial or post-judgment phases of a case. Our team also accesses bankruptcy, judgment, and lien records that may be relevant to clients’ litigation strategy. In the past, we’ve also used our social media monitoring tools to find evidence of extravagant spending or fraud.

Extend your global reach.

Our team is proficient in critical languages including Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Urdu, Farsi, Pashto, among others, and has conducted over 10,000 investigations in more than 110 countries. Our analysts are familiar with overseas public records and media sources, and strive to uncover information during the legal research process that would otherwise remain hidden through English-language research.

Local investigative operations.

Prescient’s in-house due diligence team comprises former law enforcement and intelligence professionals who have extensive experience conducting highly specialized, complex investigations in support of a variety of legal cases. We also work with a network over 300 vetted investigators in over 60 countries who can provide overseas intelligence support across the globe.

How others are using our Litigation Support Services....

Through social media sleuthing and research in available criminal and public records, Prescient’s analysts have assisted lawyers and corporate counsel in uncovering instances of disability fraud to support ongoing litigation. The metadata of available evidence, including photographic evidence of strenuous travel and activities, was captured by our analysts for use in a court of law.

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