As the frequency and intensity of digital attacks continues to grow along with the average breach cost, security and risk mitigation stakeholders have realized the urgent need to reinforce current data security measures and mitigate human-driven risks for their organizations.

Our Cyber Security Consulting services combine software enabled security automation tools with human intelligence to enhance your company’s cybersecurity programs and empower time-sensitive decision making. We assess the cyber risk to your organization based on the context of your business and can provide actionable recommendations to respond to breaches, advise on cyber policy best practices, solve for cyber security problems and meet compliance requirements.

  • Digital Forensics Services
  • Vulnerability and Risk Assessments
  • Internal and External Penetration Testing
  • Computer Security Incident Response
  • Social Engineering (Targeted Phishing)
  • IT Risk Management and Compliance
  • Policy Creation

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Who We Help

Prescient’s Cyber Security Consulting services support a variety of clients that require deeper insights to clarify risks and opportunities. We proudly serve the following clients and welcome inquiries across all industries.

  • Corporate Security Departments
  • General Counsel and Legal Departments
  • Risk & Compliance Officers
  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISO)

How It Works

When you expect accurate and timely results, you’ll get them. We won’t bog you down with endless details and irrelevant fluff. Save time and energy with our Bottom-Line-Up-Front approach that presents quick-hit insights at the beginning of your reports, so you can quickly understand business risks.

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