Bespoke Research & Advisory Services

Leveraging experience in the CIA, FBI, technology sector, and investigative journalism to produce in-depth reports and complementary consultation, Prescient’s Intelligence Practice increases situational awareness for strategic decision makers in business, politics, and public affairs.

Operational security (OpSec) is essential to our in-house processes and extends to engagement with clients on sensitive matters. Stringent information handling protocols and compartmentalization accompany the development of our research framework; projects are extensively tailored to industry nuances and other client requirements. In addition to Western markets, our regional experts cover critical locales, including the Middle East and North Africa, Russia, China, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America.

Business Intelligence

Prescient executes tailored, multi-source research to identify, analyze, and advise on business competitors, aggressive special interest groups, political adversaries, and decentralized opposition networks. In addition to guiding reactive crisis management, the Intelligence team can augment proactive business strategy by analyzing unusual volatility in the market or in public sentiment.

Travel Intelligence

Prescient provides in-depth analysis of an executive’s travel, allowing safe and frictionless movements overseas or at home. Location-specific threat assessments can be supplemented with physical security services, on-site consulting, and real-time cyber support via persistent online threat monitoring.

Private Client Solutions

In addition to discreet research needs in the marketplace, Prescient offers full-suite solutions for family offices and private clients facing unique or time-sensitive challenges. For complicated situations related to personal reputation, safety, and investment protection, Intelligence team members can serve as consultative experts on-demand around-the-clock or merely augment existing countermeasures.

Executive Character Assessments

Drawing upon advanced behavioral analysis techniques, Prescient provides actionable character assessments for high stakes hires or partnerships. Decades of CIA experience combined with a proprietary, dynamic methodology ensure that the significant costs and losses of otherwise uninformed decision making are properly minimized.


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