Bespoke Intelligence Solutions

Prescient’s Intelligence Practice offers bespoke research and analysis services for leaders on the global stage. Leveraging experience in the CIA, FBI, technology sector, and investigative journalism, Prescient increases situational awareness for strategic decision makers in business, politics, and public affairs. In addition to Western markets, our regional experts cover critical locales, including the Middle East and North Africa, Russia, China, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America.

Uncover Mission Critical Information

Prescient tailors our multi-source research based upon the client’s requirements. We address concerns regarding competitor aggression and opposition networks; analyze market volatility, political instability, and public sentiment; as well as proactively map out threat vectors in market entry situations. Operational Security (OpSec) is essential to our in-house processes and extends to engagement with clients on sensitive matters. Stringent information handling protocols and compartmentalization accompany the development of our research framework.

Prescient Intelligence offers awareness—whether it be a market, a threat, or a situation. For those who remain informed, with greater uncertainty comes greater opportunity.


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