Navigating the Cyber Roadmap

The Continuous Diagnostic & Monitoring (CDM) Program is a multi-agency platform and initiative to identify and predict which techniques, models, and emerging technologies cybercriminals and attackers are currently leveraging and will be exploiting in the future. The CDM Central conference will discuss several public and private sector efforts to establish security beyond perimeters, safeguard mobile devices, and protect sensitive data in the cloud. The objective is to pinpoint tactical and strategic risk coordinates for successful risk management in “Navigating the Cyber Roadmap”.

As the resident cross-industry expert, Prescient’s Vice President of Cyber, Alex White will be contributing critical insights from extensive experience across both the public and private sectors, having spent the last 20 years in real-world, active Cyber Intelligence, Surveillance, and Risk (ISR) operations. As one of only a few people that have navigated, consulted, and architected solutions successfully in both federal and corporate programs, his unique experience and advisory to government and business executive decision-makers has been revered as vital to bridging the industry-sector gap in technology performance, security, and innovation. Alex has managed, operated, and exploited cutting edge cyber technologies in combat, subsequently applying that knowledge to build enterprise asset protection, global privacy advisory, sensitive data security, and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) programs for several Fortune and Global 100 organizations, as well as government agencies. With deep knowledge of government and commercial business use cases, operational expertise in full-spectrum global, regional, and industry compliance protocols (to include pioneering efforts in GDPR, CCPA, NIST/DFARS, and CMMC among the top), and real-world application of not only best practices but innovative techniques in the Cyber ISR space, Alex will meet with world and national leaders to explore the evolving possibilities and needs of how to protect data, systems, and networks in some of the United States’ most critical defense and enterprise programs.