Ephemeral Communications Compliance

Nearly every organization in the world is concerned about data. More specifically, they’re concerned with how they store and share information internally and externally while maintaining security. Even with small amounts of data, this is no small task in our ever-connected world. This is one of the reasons ephemeral messaging has become so popular for both business and personal use.

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Continuous Diagnostic & Monitoring Program Brings Together Cyber Experts

The Continuous Diagnostic & Monitoring (CDM) Program is a multi-agency platform and initiative to identify and predict which techniques, models, and emerging technologies cybercriminals and attackers are currently leveraging and will be exploiting in the future. The CDM Central conference will discuss several public and private sector efforts to establish security beyond perimeters, safeguard mobile devices, and protect sensitive data in the cloud. The objective is to pinpoint tactical and strategic risk coordinates for successful risk management in “Navigating the Cyber Roadmap”.

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Globalizing the GDPR: Can Anti-Corruption Practices Withstand the Evolving State of Personal Data Protection?

May 2018 marked the onset of a series of data protection changes that appeared would impact just one part of the world. At this time, the European Commission enforced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), thereby intensifying personal data protection standards for EU-participatory companies. Any corporation operating or conducting business in the EU became subject to the updated criteria, whether an entity directly registered in the region or a foreign business targeting EU consumers.

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Social Media, Mobile and IoT Business Risks

An employee at a company training event uses their [...]

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Social Media Is Dangerous—In Different Ways Than You Might Think

Overly anxious parents have been making the news lately [...]

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