Voyint will be led by recent Due Diligence Managing Director, Jay Conolly, and will compete in the government contracting and commercial background check space.

Effective January 2020, Jay Conolly will lead new venture Voyint, which builds on the rapid growth of Prescient’s Due Diligence practice to compete for federal, state, and local government contracts, as well as commercial pre-employment background check engagements. This new venture leverages cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading analytical techniques to support commercial and public sector customers looking for effective vetting solutions.

While Voyint will focus on pre-hire solutions in the private marketplace, Prescient’s Due Diligence Practice will shift focus towards cyber-enabled pre-transaction, reputational, and third-party due diligence, which has made up the bulk of new diligence business in the last two years. We will also continue to invest in our rapidly growing Investigations, Cyber, and Intelligence practices.

While due diligence has always been the bedrock of Prescient’s business, our firm-wide investment in new technologies, tradecraft, and cross-practice collaboration has allowed our diligence products to evolve and improve. Since our inception, Prescient’s team has conducted due diligence investigations in over 110 countries and are better equipped than ever to uncover the mission-critical information our clients need to make decisions and mitigate reputational risk.

“As our due diligence business has continued to grow over the past few years, it’s become clear the market is looking for a better way to conduct a background check,” says Prescient’s President & CEO, Jack McKenna. “We’ve found that companies today are often looking for a more thorough and higher quality background check than is ultimately possible through quick, cheap, automated searches. While those services provide a baseline to background checks, there’s more out there that can be found through analyst research and analysis. I have no doubt that Jay and his team at Voyint will provide this every day by helping government and commercial clients with enhanced background check services, particularly for executives and management, in a manner that is high-touch, comprehensive, and cost-effective.”

For any and all questions, please reach out to either Jay Conolly at jconolly@voyint.com or Sam Rodgers at srodgers@prescient.com