Stefanie Drysdale



Senior Vice President


As a Senior Vice President in the firm’s Cyber Practice, Stefanie works closely with practitioners to provide support for organizations and high-profile clients ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to boutique consulting firms. She has been instrumental in building Prescient’s Cyber offerings since joining the firm in 2016, particularly its Executive Digital Protection (EDP) program, which has become the flagship offering of the practice in large part due to Stefanie’s vision and efforts.

Stefanie has also been an active proponent of cybersecurity awareness, having hosted and participated in many panel discussions, webinars, and presentations about online safety and good digital hygiene, as well as the role of women in the security and cybersecurity fields. She hosts a weekly industry news roundup on her LinkedIn feed and YouTube channel, which covers current trends and news pieces, as well as regular interviews with others leaders in the fields of corporate security, risk management, and information technology. In 2019, she was recognized by the European Risk Policy Institute as one of the year’s Cyber Risk Communicators for “outstanding contribution to global knowledge sharing in the area of cybersecurity and risk policy.” Stefanie holds the Certified Cybersecurity Awareness Professional (CCAP) certification.

Professional Experience

  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Privacy
  • Corporate Security
  • Executive Protection
  • Mergers & Acquisitions