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Expertly trained professionals from

  • Intelligence Community
  • Federal Law Enforcement
  • Special Operations
  • Software Engineering
  • Business

Prescient Capabilities


Prescient provides tailored services that address complex problems in the areas of Risk Management, Due Diligence, Traveler Safety and Research & Development in operating environments and markets that increasingly favor specialized solutions.


Prescient’s principal staff is comprised of expertly trained professionals from the Intelligence, Federal Law Enforcement, Special Operations, Software Engineering and Business communities.


We professionally serve a range of needs for select Government customers with “No Fail” mission requirements. We take the same rigorous and meticulous approach for our federal customers and apply it in support of our commercial clients.

Our subject-matter experts have performed investigative due diligence, training initiatives, comprehensive assessments and crafted integrated solutions in more than 40 countries, and they continue to regularly deploy worldwide.


Prescient offers a professional environment with industry leading subject-matter experts that will always demonstrate impeccable integrity, flexibility of thought and solution-focused thinking.


At Prescient we are committed to our clients; our experts use meticulous methodologies and quality control to create a level of service that is unmatched.

Prescient Comply

Due Diligence

Prescient Comply provides intelligence-based due diligence and investigations for domestic and international companies seeking comprehensive compliance solutions; offerings focus on: pre-employment checks, third-party vetting, know-your-customer compliance and business investment support.

Prescient Traveler Safety

Traveler Safety

The Prescient Traveler Mobile and Dashboard applications offer the most technologically advanced traveler risk management and accountability services available today. Backed by trained threat analysts working with Prescient’s proprietary systems in a purpose-built Watch Center, subscribers benefit from increased situational awareness, individual risk assessments, and proximity-based threat alerting.

Prescient Federal Operations

Federal Operations

Prescient Operations provides National Security and Intelligence solutions to the United States Defense and Intelligence Communities. Prescient Operations Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) sit side-by-side with government personnel to deliver tailored intelligence, insider threat and counterintelligence services to select Defense and Intelligence customers. It currently safeguards more than 16,000 uniformed and civilian personnel that operate in more than 100 disparate locations across the globe.

Prescient Research & Development

Research and Development

Prescient Advance optimizes the Research, Development, Test & Evaluation process by fostering collaboration between the end-user operators, technologists and industries to rapidly field technologies that empower our National Security operators. While leading the development of fire-resistant technologies for use in service uniforms, Prescient Advance has—for the first time in history—created a textile fiber from a thermoset polymer.

Service Offerings